Paige Campbell

In-demand makeup artist Paige Campbell learned early on that beauty, self-reinvention, and glamour were accessible to everyone through the magic of makeup. “As a child, I would spend hours staring at fabulous women in magazines and movies, recreating their looks when I was supposed to be doing my homework. It would take me hours to finish my school work, and I always looked like a drag queen when it was done."

Over a spread of twelve years, the Brooklyn-based artist has successfully worked in a wide variety of settings, spanning editorial and commercial work, photo and music video shoots, weddings, and corporate events. Within the fashion community at large she’s worked with such marquee names as Smashbox Cosmetics, Sony Music, and Oribe.

Paige’s instinctual approach, precision, and accomplished technicality as a makeup artist have made her work impactful in diverse situations. “I’ve mastered my tools and my mediums so that I can create anything, from dramatic glamour to barely there makeup to airbrush body painting and fantasy makeup. Anything that makes magic happen,” she explains.

Paige graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University BFA with a double major in craft and material studies and a minor in painting. After college, she moved to New York to launch her career in the fashion and makeup industry. On her second day there, she fell into a job as part of Betsey Johnson's fashion week team and was featured on her reality TV show "Betsey + Lulu" on Style network. "I ran errands for her around the city, and dressed my own model backstage for her birthday retrospective runway show. I was working for the outrageous lady that I decided at 12 years old I identified with and wanted to be just like,” she says. “I took it as a sign that I had made the right decision to move here.”

 Reflecting on the transformative qualities of makeup and her dedication to her craft Paige says: “I feel like I become a different person with makeup; I come alive. It’s my goal to help bring that out in others.”




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